What Is Justification By Faith Alone?

Photo by Pixabay.com

Photo by Pixabay.com

We have all heard of justification by faith. It is often used as a powerful argumentative tool to convince the non-believer that his or her religion (ideological belief system) is right. The problem is, most people using this approach fail to understand what it really means. They assume that the premise “salvation by faith” means something like this; “if you believe, then your actions and choices will be justified”. Unfortunately, while this explanation is correct in some regards, it is very misleading in others.

Some will say that justification by faith alone is not by faith alone – it is only by a personal, conscious decision of the believer. This would include one’s actions in their life, whether good or bad, which can be described as virtuous. According to some secular scholars, justification by faith alone is a theological concept, not a fact, which faith alone flies in the face of everything that modern civilization has taught its followers, including their religious leaders.

It is important for the saved to realize that God is not just in anyone’s way, but rather God is just in His way and He provides for His people according to His word, through faith and Christ. Faith in and of itself is not a justification, because it lacks the certainty of sanctification. Through faith in Christ, a person can obtain certainty of salvation through Christ.

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