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Until recently, theft and vandalism were the main concerns for schools. Today, however, the threats of gang violence, intruders, and other security breaches have replaced these concerns. As technology has become more advanced, schools have to invest in security technology and educate staff on rapid communications platforms. One company that manufactures security solutions for schools is Status Solutions, which has installed security cameras throughout campus and intercom systems at the front doors to speak with visitors. Although schools must make a significant investment in the new technology, it is well worth it in the end.

While the Internet brings countless benefits to the K-12 community, it also creates a number of cyber threats, including data breaches and Denial of Service attacks. By implementing a plan to prepare for such an event, schools can prevent attacks from happening and mitigate the damages that could be done. Preparedness activities can include storing data securely and implementing firewalls. Planning teams must also take privacy into account and think about what actions to take before the actual incident occurs.

School safety is a growing concern, from school shootings to unauthorized visitors and disease transmission. School leaders must consider all aspects that could contribute to an unsafe environment. Technology security solutions can be expanded to support flexible spaces. To get the most out of existing security systems, administrators should question the identity of visitors and inquire about their qualifications. Third-party partners can help schools evaluate their current infrastructure and identify security vulnerabilities. Then, the solution providers can propose appropriate solutions.

Today, many K-12 public schools are investing in IP cameras and visitor-management systems to protect their students and staff. Access control systems can be customized to scan visitor ID and passport information. Schools that are just starting construction have the best opportunity to incorporate a comprehensive security plan. However, budgets for such technology are often not considered until after the school is built. So, schools must balance budgets with technology requirements and individual user needs.

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