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Are you an academically driven individual who has come so close to completing your doctoral degree but just haven’t finalized your dissertation? If so, Exodus University welcomes you to embark on the exciting journey of finishing your doctoral degree through our Dissertation Completion Pathway. Our All But Dissertation (ABD) completion program is tailored to individuals like you, who possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise but need that final push to achieve their doctorate. At Exodus, we understand that life’s commitments can sometimes impede the completion of your dissertation, and that’s why we’re here to provide the support you need to cross that finish line.

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Exodus University’s Dissertation Completion Pathway is designed to empower you to turn your ABD status into a fully completed doctoral degree. With our program, you can leverage your existing academic achievements by transferring eligible credits from previous institutions.

Our comprehensive one-month accelerated dissertation courses, including Dissertation Prospectus, Dissertation I, Dissertation II, Dissertation III, Dissertation IV, Dissertation V, and Dissertation Defense, enable you to dive into focused research and writing, all while maintaining the flexibility of online learning.

This dynamic approach allows you to balance your academic pursuits with your existing commitments, making the journey to your doctorate not just attainable, but highly rewarding.

By enrolling in Exodus University’s Dissertation Completion Pathway, you are taking a significant step towards achieving your educational aspirations. Our commitment to offering high-quality education in a flexible online format ensures that you can pursue your dreams without sacrificing your existing responsibilities.


Embrace this opportunity to transform your ABD status into a fully earned doctoral degree and make your mark in your chosen field. Discover more about our program and how to join by visiting our Degree Completion page at

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