Degree Completion Program

Dissertation Completion | ABD (All But Dissertation) 

Our Dissertation Completion Pathway for Doctoral programs provides a rigorous route to earning your degree. Our All But Dissertation (ABD) completion program supports those who haven’t finished their dissertation. You can transfer eligible credits and take one-month accelerated dissertation courses, enabling 100% online degree completion.

ABD | Doctor of Ministry

Program Requirements:

Total $1,529 * | 24 Credit Hours | 100% Online Dissertation Courses | 1-Month Flexible Course Schedule

Program Description:

Exodus University’s ABD completion program is designed for students who haven’t finished their dissertation, this program offers a flexible 100% online learning experience, accelerated one-month dissertation courses, and the option to transfer eligible credits. Our expert instructors and advisors will guide you through the journey to earning your degree. Don’t let an unfinished dissertation hold you back – enroll now and unlock your potential.

ABD | Doctor of Christian Education

Program Requirements:

Total $1,529 * | 24 Credit Hours | 100% Online Dissertation Courses | 1-Month Flexible Course Schedule

Program Description:

Exodus University’s ABD completion program for the Doctor of Christian Education degree is tailored for students who haven’t completed their dissertation, offering a convenient 100% online format, accelerated one-month dissertation courses, and the option to transfer eligible credits. Our commitment to your success is unwavering, as our experienced faculty and dedicated advisors guide you to the completion of your degree. Seize this opportunity to advance your academic journey – enroll now and take a decisive step toward realizing your goals.

ABD | Doctor of Pastoral Counseling

Program Requirements:

Total $1,529 * | 24 Credit Hours | 100% Online Dissertation Courses | 1-Month Flexible Course Schedule

Program Description:

Exodus University’s ABD completion program for the Doctor of Pastoral Counseling degree is designed for those seeking to fulfill their academic aspirations, this program provides an ideal opportunity to complete your doctoral journey. Our 100% online format, streamlined one-month dissertation courses, and potential credit transfers make advancing your education convenient and flexible. With the guidance of our accomplished faculty, you’ll gain the expertise needed to succeed in your pastoral counseling pursuits. Enroll now and take a transformative step toward attaining your goals.


Dissertation Completion Pathway program is offered 100% online, anytime and anywhere, complete you studies from the comfort of your home. All intensive courses are completed 100% online with a one month format courses.

Students can enroll any day of the week in one-month-intensive-dissertation-courses and the course ends within 30 days from the enrollment date.

All intensive dissertation courses contains reading content and a final research based paper.

Career Opportunities

  • Senior Pastor
  • Lead Pastor
  • Executive Pastor
  • Associate Pastor
  • Christian School Principal
  • Christian School Administrator
  • Church Planter
  • Christian Counselor
  • Evangelist
  • Missionary
  • Youth Pastor

Dissertation Completion Description

The Dissertation Completion Pathway for our Doctor of Ministry, Doctor of Christian Education, and Doctor of Pastoral Counseling programs offers an academically rigorous route to completing your doctoral degree. Our All But Dissertation (ABD) completion program is designed for those who have not finished their dissertation. Students can transfer eligible credit hours from prior institutions and enroll in our comprehensive one-month dissertation courses, including Dissertation Prospectus, Dissertation I, Dissertation II, Dissertation III, Dissertation IV, Dissertation V, and Dissertation Defense. This pathway allows for 100% online completion of your doctoral degree, ensuring a comprehensive and flexible educational journey.

Transfer Credits to Exodus University

Exodus University is dedicated to saving you time and money by providing easy and fair transfer evaluation for eligible course credit.

Students can transfer to Exodus University up to 75% of credits or up to 18 credits into a Doctoral’s degree for courses with a grade of C- or higher are generally transferrable.

Admission Requirements

For admission, students are required to agree with Exodus University’s Terms and complete the online Application at this link.

Featured Courses

Credits  Courses
3            Introduction to Online Learning
3            Intercultural Communication
3            Leadership Communication
3            Leadership Characteristics
3            Introduction to Philosophy
3            Personal Development
3            English Writing Skills
3            Career Development
3            Leadership Ethics
3            Cultural Diversity

Credits  Courses
3            Biblical Foundation of Ethics
3            An Introduction to the Bible
3            Christian Religion
3            Biblical Theology
3            World Religions I
3            World Religions II
3            Soteriology
3            Pentateuch
3            The Fall

Credits  Courses
3            Bible Foundations Assessment

Featured Courses

Dissertation CoursesCreditsNumber
Dissertation Prospectus                      3DISS 790
Dissertation I3DISS 791
Dissertation II3DISS 792
Dissertation III3DISS 793
Dissertation IV3DISS 794
Dissertation V3DISS 795
Dissertation Defense3DISS 799
Graduation3GRAD 800

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ABD | Dissertation Completion

Doctor of Ministry
Doctor of Christian Education
Doctor of Pastoral Counseling

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Degree Completion Tuition

Tuition & Fees

Doctoral Completion | ABD

The basic costs listed here reflect the average total and are intended to be a planning guide for new students and their parents. As applicable, tuition, costs, and fees are subject to change without notice.

Degree Requirements

The self-designed major in Religion Studies leads to a BA or BS in Religion Studies. This major requires completion of a minimum of 13 courses. Students choosing this option must also prepare a path statement. This path statement must be approved by the chair of Religion Studies no later than the first semester of the junior year.

Students are responsible for reading course descriptions when choosing classes for their self-designed major. If they choose a class that requires permission because of prerequisites and/or is a course at another college within Exodus University and any of the graduate programs, they must seek permission using the proper procedures. Requesting permission is not a guarantee of being granted permission


Program Requirements:

60 Credit Hours | 100% Online Courses | Flexible Course Schedule


Program Requirements:

120 Credit Hours | 100% Online Courses | Flexible Course Schedule


Program Requirements:

36 Credit Hours | 100% Online Courses | Flexible Course Schedule


Program Requirements:

30 Credit Hours | 100% Online Courses | Flexible Course Schedule

Program Learning Outcomes

Religious Perspectives:
Students will be able to effectively use modern programming languages to clean, organize, query, summarize, visualize, and model large volumes and varieties of religious doctrines.

Religious Organizations:
Students will possess a theoretical and applied understanding of the use of econometrics and statistics for descriptive and causal inference.

Religious Theory:
Students will be able to understand and apply religious theory to understand how ministry and other organizations interact with each other and with users/customers/clients and use this understanding to guide ministry principles.

Ministry Problem Solving:
Students will be able to solve real-world ministry-driven ministries and policy problems working with pastors, mission organizations, Christian ministers and church leaders.
Religious Communication: Students will be able to communicate their research approach and findings at an excellent level, both in writing and verbally.

Major Requirements (24 units)

Ministry Foundations (4 units)
Students learn ministry frameworks that guide biblical views for the local church. Students must take at least four units of coursework in this category.

– ESTU 322 – Introduction to Online Learning
– ESTU 430 – English Writing Skills
– ESTU 440 – Cultural Diversity

Professional Communication (2 units)
Students develop their communication skills in the context of Christian ministry. At least 2 units of coursework must be taken from this category.

– ESTU 660 – Leadership Communication
– ESTU 681 – Personal Development

Program Worksheets

Here you can review useful information about Communications Studies:

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