Teaching Salvation by Grace Through Faith

Photo by Pixabay.com

Photo by Pixabay.com

In a Biblical narrative, Jesus makes it clear that salvation is by grace, through the free gift of God’s free provision. By nature, man cannot become a believer. We are all born into this world as children of God with no chance to gain salvation by our own effort. We cannot go straight to heaven without becoming a believer. It is up to each of us to earn salvation by grace by our own efforts.

Objective: After reading a good book on the subject, the child should be able to draw a sketch of a possible salvation by grace and should also be able to relate this sketch to scriptures from the Bible. Subjective: For each student to draw a picture of his or her possible salvation by grace. The child should also be able to relate the experience of living in God to this possible salvation by grace. Understanding the basics of the doctrine of “salvation by grace through faith” is important to salvation. If you have not learned how to read the Word of God then you are missing out on the most important principles upon which the understanding of scripture and the teaching of the Bible depend.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the child should be able to relate the experience of living in God to salvation by Christ. He should understand that salvation is not a gift but is a free gift from God. He should also understand that he is born again into the eternal life with Jesus Christ. He should have a clear understanding of the fundamentals of salvation, including its works.

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