Curriculum Conflict in K-12 Education

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Curriculum conflict is a growing phenomenon in K-12 education. It affects all subjects and draws in participants from all sides of the ideological spectrum, from parents and teachers to elected officials. The conflict is often fueled by the influence of powerful groups and media outlets. Some groups are openly opposed to a topic, while others are more openly supportive. Many schools and teachers ignore the importance of conflict in the development of autonomous citizens. Instead of stressing conflict resolution skills and encouraging students to become independent, responsible citizens, schools, and teachers fail to focus on problem-solving and interpersonal relationships. It is the responsibility of the community to understand and promote conflict resolution skills and recognize the educational value of conflict in school.

Conflict is a natural part of human interactions. It helps students learn how to view reality from the perspective of others, how to cooperate, and how to resolve conflict constructively. It also helps students see that conflict is a process of growth, rather than a negative one. Therefore, educators should encourage conflict resolution strategies in all classrooms.

Curriculum conflict has become a common issue in k-12 education. Many conservative-led states have introduced legislation that aims to prevent teachers from discussing topics like racism or white privilege. Some parents have even attended school board meetings to push back against controversial topics. And in some cases, educators have been suspended, fired, and even reprimanded for discussing such sensitive subjects.

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