Associates of Biblical Studies

Associates of Biblical Studies (ABS) is a 60-hour program designed to offer students a biblical foundation in theology and the disciplines of the Christian faith and message to impact the ministry of the local church.


This program is offered 100% online, anytime and anywhere, complete you studies from the comfort of your home. All intensive courses are completed 100% online with a one month format courses.

Students can enroll any day of the week in one-month-intensive-courses and the course ends within 30 days from the enrollment date.

All intensive courses contains reading content and a final exam or a final research based paper.

Career Opportunities

  • Senior Pastor
  • Lead Pastor
  • Executive Pastor
  • Associate Pastor
  • Christian School Principal
  • Christian School Administrator
  • Church Planter
  • Christian Counselor
  • Evangelist
  • Missionary
  • Youth Pastor

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Interpret scriptural text critically and competently within hermeneutical and applicable context.
  • Be able to use a variety of pastoral tools and analytical skills to pastor the members of the church.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of a Christian perspective of pastoral and ministry issues involved with leading others toward godliness.

Transfer Credits to Exodus University

Exodus University is dedicated to saving you time and money by providing easy and fair transfer evaluation for eligible course credit.

Students can transfer to Exodus University up to 75% of credits or up to 45 credits into an Associates degree for courses with a grade of C- or higher are generally transferrable.

Admission Requirements

For admission, students are required to:

  1. Complete the online Application at this link;
  2. Submit a copy of the High School Diploma with the Application; and,
  3. Agree with the Terms of  Exodus University.

Featured Courses

Credits  Courses
3            Introduction to Online Learning
3            Intercultural Communication
3            Leadership Communication
3            Leadership Characteristics
3            Introduction to Philosophy
3            Personal Development
3            English Writing Skills
3            Career Development
3            Leadership Ethics
3            Cultural Diversity

Credits  Courses
3            Biblical Foundation of Ethics
3            An Introduction to the Bible
3            Christian Religion
3            Biblical Theology
3            World Religions I
3            World Religions II
3            Soteriology
3            Pentateuch
3            The Fall

Credits  Courses
3            Bible Foundations Assessment

Featured Courses

General CoursesCreditsNumber
Introduction to Online Learning3UNIV 101
World Civilization3UNIV 105
Leadership Essentials3UNIV 204
Leadership Ethics3UNIV 205
Character Education3UNIV 211
Cultural Diversity3UNIV 214
Religious CoursesCreditsNumber
An Introduction to the Bible    3BIBL 301
Introduction to Theology3BIBL 302
Christian Apologetics3BIBL 303
The Old Testament3BIBL 304
Hermeneutics3BIBL 305
Missiology3BIBL 307
Research CoursesCreditsNumber
Thesis Prospectus                      3THES 490
Thesis I3THES 491
Thesis II3THES 492
Thesis III3THES 493
Thesis IV3THES 494
Thesis V3THES 495
Thesis Submission3THES 499
Graduation3GRAD 500

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Career opportunities

Senior Pastor
Lead Pastor
Executive Pastor
Associate Pastor
Missionary Pastor
And many more opportunities!

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The basic costs listed here reflect the average total and are intended to be a planning guide for new students and their parents. As applicable, tuition, costs, and fees are subject to change without notice.

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