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A high-quality supplementary description for your audio and video content will make your audio and video more accessible to students with vision impairments. A caption is not only more informative, and accessible for those who cannot hear, but it can also save you time and effort while creating the audio. The written description can even reference the original video for easy navigation. However, this supplementary description should not replace the audio track, which is a vital part of the educational product.

Academic Video Online’s free version provides unlimited access to more than twice as many videos as other providers. The videos include both theoretical and practical training sessions. The video player also offers audio-description at no extra cost. It has a number of additional features that make it useful for the creation of educational content. A good supplemental video editor should also offer a large catalog. Streaming video is also a valuable resource for libraries serving educational organizations.

Another supplementary resource that enhances the educational content is audio description. Audio description enables people with visual impairments to fully comprehend and enjoy video content. Many commercial movies, television shows, and theatrical venues offer this service. However, it is less common in educational videos.

Nonetheless, an accurate understanding of the content is essential to meeting learning objectives. It is worth considering the accessibility features when preparing your supplemental educational materials. If you don’t have the resources to prepare the audio description track, you can always hire a third-party provider. But this option usually comes with a higher cost and a longer turnaround time.

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