The Role of Father in Raising Children

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The father is the one who brings life into the family and therefore the father plays an integral part in the upbringing of his child. As a father, your job is to help your child become a well-balanced individual. It is only through proper discipline that you can make the child work towards a good lifestyle.

The father as deciding role for the family generally plays the most important role in the upbringing of the child. He is the sole educator of the child and he decides the future course of action for the child.

A father, who values the right of the child over that of his own desires may find it difficult to deal with rebellious kids. But by following a correct disciplining method, a father can get a peaceful child.

There are many instances where the father as deciding role for the family is also forced to play the part. For instance, when a mother suffers from pregnancy and delivery complications, the father is often made to stay at home with the baby. This can be very difficult for the father as he has to fulfill his obligations to his wife while taking care of the baby. But proper discipline and understanding of the situation can help a father to deal with these unforeseen situations in a positive manner.

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