The New Educational Trends for Online Learning

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New technologies are making education more flexible, and a trend toward personalized learning is sweeping the globe. Companies such as Prenda are using technology to match students with teachers online. “Outschool” searches have increased by more than three-fold over the last five years, and Prenda is focusing on “microschools,” or small groups of students that learning outside of the traditional classroom.

E-learning courses are also changing the way students learn. Students can choose their own learning curve, whether they want to move quickly or slowly. They can also access the course materials at any time, and they can participate in classroom discussions. The convenience and affordability of these courses are drawing in both high-end and K-12 students.

Using video and images to teach has become an increasingly popular option. The CEO of Prezi, Jim Szafranski, has said, “Videos and images have been the norm for education.” In order to remain relevant, however, teachers will have to learn to make shows that engage students, similar to the way a blogger does.

Gamification, or the process of turning any topic into a game, is another trend that is making the industry more innovative and attractive. Although not all schools are equipped with the resources to develop a serious game, teachers can experiment with tools like Quizizz and Kahoot! That way, students can learn without feeling alone. Online learning communities are also growing, with instructors creating groups on Slack. In these communities, students can connect with peers who share the same interests and have more experience than them.

Virtual reality, or XR, is another trend that is changing the way people learn. This new trend is already transforming the classroom. For example, the Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine is already using 3D virtual cadavers to conduct digital dissections. Additionally, students can use augmented reality headsets to practice ultrasound imaging and interpretation.

Adapting to the world, education has gone through a radical change. So, what are the latest trends in education? This is important information for learners and teachers alike! Learn more about the latest trends to make your eLearning content more engaging and effective.

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