Certificate in Christian Women Leadership


  • Certificate Course Format: 100% Online Education
  • Certificate Learning Format: Start instantly and learn at your own pace
  • Certificate Flexible Course Schedule: 1 Month Intensive Course

Students can enroll in courses any day of the week and each course ends within 30 days from the enrollment date.


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Certificate in Christian Women Leadership

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Certificate Description:


Certificate in Christian Women Leadership (𝕮𝕮𝖂𝕸) is an academic program that focuses on developing the leadership skills and knowledge of Christian women. The program may include courses on topics such as biblical foundations of leadership, communication and conflict resolution, and practical skills for leading a ministry or organization. The program may also include opportunities for hands-on experience and mentorship in order to provide students with a well-rounded education in Christian women leadership.

Required Courses:

Courses Credits Number
Certificate Course 3 CERT 200
Introduction to Online Learning 3 CERT 201
Introduction to Theology 3 CERT 202

Certificate Format:

  • 100% online accelerated learning
  • 9 credit hours academic program
  • 1 month intensive courses

Admission Requirements:

  1. Agree with the Terms of Exodus University; and,
  2. Complete the online Enrollment fee and apply below.